Dynamic Ergonomics Training Helps Office Professionals Beat Repetitive Stress Injuries And Back Pain

Sittingsafe® is a new generation of job-specific, on-site ergonomics training. Designed to reduce office-based injuries such as repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, Sittingsafe is geared to those who work with computers or perform other job activities while in a seated position.

Each Sittingsafe Ergonomic Workshop is custom designed to handle the work situation of your employees.

The goal of the program is to teach employees how to control their environment using their existing furniture and equipment to prevent painful and costly repetitive stress injuries.

We get the participants involved via the SITTINGSAFE practical module that ensures the employee can adjust their own workstation to be ergonomically correct. This practical module is supported by our state of the art SITTINGSAFE video and materials.

The SITTINGSAFE Ergonomics training program also includes the SITTINGSAFE 3-minute stretching routine aimed at reducing stress from repetitive activities.

Cumulative Trauma Disorders are a result of continuous stress on the body. The key to preventing these costly injuries is to reduce the amount of stress incurred on a daily basis by properly adapting the environment to be more user-friendly, correcting improper biomechanics and through a proper stretching routine, rid the body of accumulated stress.

Components of the Sittingsafe Workshop

  1. Job site analysis/pre-assessment.

  2. Design and customization of workshop.

  3. Introduction - we get employees to understand the program and become motivated to be responsible for their own wellness.

  4. Via our Sittingsafe video, employees learn proper office ergonomics and other pertinent information to prevent harmful accumulation of physical stress that leads to pain, fatigue and injury.

  5. Sittingsafe 3-minute stretching routine.

  6. Practical learning module - each participant gets to apply what they learned to ensure they can set up any workstation properly for their bodies.

  7. Questions and answers.

  8. Each employee fills out a Sittingsafe Course Critique Form to provide instant feedback on the success of the program.

  9. Each employee receives a Sittingsafe "Certificate of Commitment".

Sittingsafe Facilitators

We have a highly trained network of over 1,000 biomechanical injury-prevention specialists that are available to conduct on-site Sittingsafe workshops throughout North America.


F.I.T. will license the rights to the Sittingsafe methodology and materials to large corporations that want to self-administer the Sittingsafe Injury Prevention Program.


Cumulative Trauma Disorders such as back injuries and repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are reaching epidemic proportions. The reason: workers have never been correctly taught on how to do their specific jobs correctly. Our combination of theory and practical teaching methods ensure they learn how to use their bodies safely - both at home and on-the-job!

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