Return-to-Work Announcement:

Future Industrial Technologies, Inc. (F.I.T.) has helped corporations and public entities reduce back injuries and other sprain/strains for over 15 years. The award winning Backsafe and Sittingsafe Injury Prevention Programs have a track record of substantial injury reductions and high return-on-investment (ROI).

F.I.T. is pleased to announce the F.I.T. Return-to-Work version of the Backsafe program.

The Backsafe Return-to-Work module will train injured workers to safely perform their specific job tasks to prevent their injury from re-occurring.

F.I.T. has over 1,000 Backsafe Certified Injury Prevention Specialists throughout the United States and Canada that are now available to conduct one-on-one job specific training. The employee training will be preceded by a thorough job assessment to ensure the training is tailored to the exact job description of the employee.

The Backsafe Return to Work module will include an educational module and a customized practical component that will have the employee performing their job tasks using the proven Backsafe principles.

We will train employees on how to prevent the physical compromises that caused their injury to occur in the first place. Trainings are available across the U.S. and Canada. Train the Trainer Programs are also available.

Please call 800-775-BACK (2225) now and ask for more information on the F.I.T. one-on-one Backsafe Return-to-Work training program.

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