The following ergonomic training materials are now available:

  • Laminated Sittingsafe® Stretching Cards for office workers.
    [6.5" x 3.25"] (Available in English only.)

  • Laminated Backsafe® Stretching Cards for non-office personnel.
    [6.5" x 3.25"] (Available in both English and Spanish.)

  • Sittingsafe® Stretching Posters for office workers.
    [18" x 24"] (Available in English only.)

  • Backsafe® Stretching Posters for non-office personnel.
    [18" x 24"] (Available in both English and Spanish.)

  • Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook.
    (Available in both English and Spanish)

To order, please call (800) 775-2225
(Does not include shipping and handling. $50 minimum order.)

We accept:      

Backsafe Wrist Band $1.00 each
Laminated Stretching Card $1.25 each
Stretching Posters $20.00 each
Workbook $10.00 each
(Includes one free laminated stretching card per workbook)

Backsafe® Nose Between Toes™ Load Close/Head Up

Backsafe® Code of Conduct Poster
(18" x 24" Available in English only.)

Laminated Stretching Cards Samples

Laminated Sittingsafe®
Stretching Card (front)
6.5" x 3.25"
Available in English only.

Laminated Backsafe®
Stretching Card (front)
6.5" x 3.25"
Available in English and Spanish.

Stretching Posters Samples

Sittingsafe® Stretching Poster
18" x 24"
Available in English only.

Backsafe® Stretching Poster
18" x 24"
Available in English and Spanish.

Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook
(Available in English and Spanish.)

The Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® workbook was written for employees of all job descriptions. There are 14 pages of information on how to protect ones musculoskeletal health while working on and off the job!

Learn tips from: how to lift loads of all shapes, sizes and positions, to how to ergonomically set up workstations properly, and even how to sleep more safely. Whether you work at a desk, around a vehicle, in a warehouse, or in the field - you need to have this information. The material in this workbook can change people's lives immediately!



Note - F.I.T. offers the following injury prevention training options that augment these materials to help prevent musculoskeletal disorder:

  • F.I.T. provides on-site Backsafe® and Sittingsafe® training via our nationwide certified 1,200 Injury Prevention Specialists.

  • Train the Trainer programs.

  • Corporate Licensing programs for large corporations that want to own and internally administer F.I.T.'s training methodologies.

We have the means to prevent expensive workplace musculoskeletal disorders.

We will work with you to change behaviors and your culture.

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