Future Industrial Technology (FIT) was established in 1992 to prevent work related sprain/strain injuries. Dennis Downing, the founder of FIT, became aware of the tremendous costs related to back injuries and other sprain/strains while working for a workers' compensation cost-containment company in the late 1980's.

In 1991 he met a doctor with a background in industrial medicine and ergonomics who was exploring the possibilities of reducing musculoskeletal disorders through educational training. Upon surveying large U.S. corporations it was discovered that despite repeated attempts, traditional back injury prevention training via videos or lecturing, did not result in a long-term reduction of injuries or workers' comp costs. In other words, training did not work to motivate or convince employees to change their physical behaviors on or off the job to better protect their health.

It seemed odd to them that 12 year old gymnasts could be taught how to do back flips on balance beams, yet large U.S. corporations were having zero success training warehouse workers, truckers, nurse, law enforcement officers, manufacturing personnel, and others how to prevent expensive and at times life altering sprain/strain injuries.

FIT was started in May of 1992 with the first order of business of establishing the first successful injury prevention methodology specific for back injuries and other sprain/strains-that would get employees to "listen" and to change physical behavior. The initial research directed them into aspects of corporate cultures, human behavior, and employee/management relations as well as how to achieve critical kinesthetic realizations within small groups of employees.

Three major breakthroughs helped Backsafe® and Sittingsafe® to become the most effective injury prevention programs in North America. These discoveries transcended the sciences of ergonomics, biomechanics, and workplace stretching to include how to teach these principles to get employees to listen, embrace, and incorporate them into activities of daily living, on and off the job.

This new field was coined Bionomics™ that loosely translates to "managing the body".

Once a Backsafe and Sittingsafe was piloted and showed great results FIT embarked upon a 12 year effort to find, credential, certify, and apprentice over 1,000 injury prevention specialists across the U.S. and Canada to implement these programs to businesses of any size or description.

FIT has now trained over 1 million employees with great success. FIT has won injury prevention awards in the airline industry and has gained recognition across many and varied industries including transportation, warehousing, distribution, healthcare, law enforcement, firefighting, Public Entities, manufacturing, banking, utilities, oil and gas, office workers, lab workers, etc.

It is not unusual for these programs to effect more than a 50% reduction in workers' comp costs. Moreover, due to our breakthroughs in getting employees to listen and value what we teach, a marked increase in employee morale can also be expected.

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