A Workplace Injury Prevention Training Program For Industry

One-quarter of all workers' compensation claims in the United States are for back pain, and one-third of all compensation costs come from back disorders.

Backsafe® is an injury prevention training program that reduces back and other sprain/strain injuries in the workplace and lowers worker compensation costs.

It is designed to have long lasting effects on your employees and to reduce costly injuries both on and off the job. Backsafe is being used by organizations of all descriptions such as:

United Airlines, Brinks, GM, Wells Fargo, Mission Linen, Ryder Trucking, Schools, Governments, Hospitals. (See what out clients say about Backsafe)

We custom design job specific workshops aimed at training employees how to perform their work in a bio-mechanically correct way. We customize the injury prevention training programs for all job descriptions including:

  • Material handling

  • Distribution

  • Trucking

  • Nursing

  • Police

  • Fire fighters

  • Construction

Our aim is to break workers' bad habits and replace them with healthier ones that they will apply on a daily basis.

Our Training Techniques

We have developed our proprietary training techniques to ensure that the worker "learns" proper biomechanical techniques. By learning we mean that they learn in a unique format that guarantees they can apply their new knowledge in real-life situations. Course content includes the following:

  • Anatomy

  • Biomechanics

  • Stretching exercises

  • Motivation to apply proper body mechanics to their jobs on a daily basis.

The key to our program is our kinetic learning module (a custom-designed obstacle course based on their job activities and work flow).

An obstacle course that mirrors their specific job activities is created to allow the employees to "drill" their new techniques in real-life situations.

This obstacle course is customized only after we have conducted a thorough job site evaluation and employee interviews. We experience the typical routines of the employees to be able to specifically understand their job tasks and the physical stresses on their bodies.

We will teach your employees how to do their jobs, in their work environment. We get them moving in a biomechanically correct way by having them perform their job tasks under the supervision of our facilitators who coach them on how to do these tasks safely.

Components of Backsafe® Workshop

  1. Job site analysis/pre-assessment.

  2. Design and customization of workshop.

  3. Introduction - we get employees to understand the program and become motivated to be responsible for their own wellness.

  4. The education phase - employees learn about their bodies and the correct way to use them.

  5. Obstacle course participation - This is the main focus and "practical phase" of our program and is where bad habits are broken and replaced with healthier ones.

  6. Backsafe 3-minute workout - Each employee is considered an industrial athlete and is taught how to perform a non-strenuous stretching routine before each shift.

  7. Questions and answers.

  8. Each employee fills out course critique forms to provide instant feedback on the success of the program.

  9. Commitment Phase - Employees personally commit to using the Backsafe principals at work and in life.

Each workshop takes approximately two hours for up to a maximum of 20 people at a time.

Backsafe® Facilitators

We have a highly trained network of over 1,000 biomechanical injury prevention specialists that are available to conduct on-site Backsafe workshops throughout North America.


F.I.T. will license the rights to the Backsafe methodology and materials to large corporations that want to self-administer the Backsafe Injury Prevention Program.


Cumulative Trauma Disorders such as back injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are reaching at epidemic proportions. The reason? Workers have never been correctly taught on how to do their specific jobs correctly. Our workplace back injury prevention training is a combination of theory and practical teaching methods that ensure they learn how to use their bodies safely, both at home and on-the-job.

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